J&T Express First-Time Entry into China's Top 500 Private Enterprises and Top 100 Private Service Enterprises

On September 12th, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the "2023 China's Top 500 Private Enterprises" and "2023 China's Top 100 Private Service Enterprises" lists. ATM Capital's portfolio company, J&T Express, has been inaugurated in the "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China" and the "Top 100 Private Service Enterprises in China" rankings.

Since its founding in 2015, J&T Express has remained true to its original mission and has steadily progressed, growing into a global logistics service provider. In Southeast Asia, J&T Express stands as the dominant express delivery operator, while in China, it notably reached a peak of 50 million daily packages, faster than any of its counterparts. Furthermore, J&T Express is the first major express delivery operator in Asia to enter the markets of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Brazil, and Egypt.

Through an efficient and replicable business model, J&T Express has established platform-level strategic partnerships with more than thirty leading global e-commerce companies, social e-commerce platforms, and live-streaming e-commerce platforms. These partnerships include domestic platforms in mainland China, such as Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, Douyin, and Kuaishou, and overseas platforms like Shopee, Tiktok, Lazada, Shein, Noon, and others.

Looking ahead, J&T Express will harness its extensive expertise and robust execution capabilities to facilitate connections among global markets, enterprises, and consumers, fostering growth within the e-commerce sector and contributing to the advancement of the digital economy.


Enhancing Quantity and Quality, Supporting High-Quality Development

J&T Express adheres to a customer-centric philosophy and consistently invests effort into improving service quality and timeliness. According to a consumer survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan in Southeast Asia in March 2022, J&T Express achieved an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 8.4 (out of a maximum of 10), ranking as the industry leader in terms of speed, timeliness, and service quality satisfaction. In 2023, in the first and second-quarter complaint data released by the State Post Bureau of China, J&T Express maintained its position as the top-ranked express delivery company in the comprehensive complaint handling index among major express delivery firms.

J&T Express is committed to pioneering new customer service models. For example, according to data from Frost & Sullivan, J&T Express was the first to offer 365-day operations and 24-hour customer service in Indonesia and Malaysia, raising local industry standards. In China, J&T Express also guarantees a "1-hour rapid compensation" commitment for any issues, ensuring prompt resolution of customer concerns.

In-House Technology Ecosystem Empowering Global Operations

J&T Express is committed to building a comprehensive technology platform that empowers its global operations. They have independently developed an operational management system, the JMS system, which covers all aspects of their business scenarios.

Through the JMS system, J&T Express can efficiently plan package routes, allocate transportation and network resources, manage complex financial processes, and track and monitor packages throughout their entire lifecycle. This ensures that customers receive a high-quality service experience while regional agents and network partners can efficiently and effectively manage their operations.

Of particular importance is the high flexibility and adaptability of the JMS system, allowing for rapid localization deployment in new markets. This accelerates the initial preparation for operations in newly launched markets. In May 2023, J&T Express processed an average daily package volume of over 630,000 parcels during Brazil's peak logistics season, making it the fastest company in the local industry to achieve such parcel volumes. This achievement is closely tied to its advanced data-driven systems.

In the future, J&T Express will persistently refine and advance the JMS system, incorporating and improving functionalities such as route planning, automated sorting, and data management. This will lead to a comprehensive digital transformation of the entire business process. By leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, J&T Express aims to strengthen the accuracy and efficiency of its logistics operations, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of its operational services.