Statement Regarding Misuse of the Name ATM Capital

Recently, our company has discovered that unauthorized individuals/organizations have been using the ATM Capital name, logo, and impersonating ATM Capital and its staff (hereinafter referred to as "ATM Capital") through websites, apps, WeChat, emails, and other channels to disseminate false information and engage in illegal activities.

ATM Capital hereby declares the following:

ATM Capital has never authorized any individual or entity to conduct any business activities under the name of ATM Capital through any public channels (including but not limited to websites, apps, WeChat, emails, etc.). ATM Capital has no legal or commercial relationship with individuals/organizations that impersonate ATM Capital. Any unauthorized use of the ATM Capital name constitutes an infringement, and we reserve the right to take legal measures to protect our legitimate rights and hold the infringers legally accountable.

ATM Capital specifically advises all business partners and the general public not to trust such false information to avoid financial losses. If you come across such situations, please promptly report them to us or to the public security authorities and regulatory agencies. If you have doubts about the identity of anyone claiming to be a member of ATM Capital, you can verify it through the contact information provided through the following official channels:

Official website:

Official WeChat public account ID: