ATM Investment Update | Contract Exceeding Millions Signed! J&T Express Empowers Luosifen to Set Sail Abroad

"Sour, spicy, delicious taste with a unique aroma that sets it apart. You have to give it a try," reads a review of Liuzhou Luosifen by a consumer on an Indonesian e-commerce website. This bowl of rice noodles, topped with peanuts, fermented bean curd, pickled bamboo shoots, and floating in chili oil, has not only captivated the palates of locals but has also gained popularity among many foreigners.


As a trendy culinary delight, Liuzhou Luosifen has made its mark on the global stage. According to the "2023 Liuzhou Luosifen Industry Development Report," in 2022, overseas exports of Liuzhou Luosifen reached a new high, achieving an export value of 83 million yuan, a 61% year-on-year increase.


To further elevate the Liuzhou Luosifen industry to a higher level of quality and internationalization and expand its export scale, the Liuzhou municipal government of Guangxi has been organizing key industry promotion events in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand since July. These events aim to assist local Luosifen enterprises in venturing into international markets.


As the sole express logistics company present at these promotional events, J&T Express (an ATM Capital invested company) has gained favor among numerous enterprises seeking to expand overseas, including the featured enterprise.


During the signing ceremony for key industry collaborations, J&T Express entered contracts with six Luosifen companies: Guangxi Luobawang Food Technology Co., Ltd., Guangxi Guizhenwei Food Technology Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Crown Luo Catering Management Co., Ltd., Guangxi Shanyuan Food Co., Ltd., Guangxi Liu Luoxi Food Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Weinian Brand Management Co., Ltd. The total contract value exceeded millions. In the future, J&T Express will collaborate with these six enterprises in cross-border transportation, overseas warehousing, and last-mile delivery.


While Liuzhou Luosifen has seen a steady increase in sales on overseas e-commerce platforms, local enterprises have faced challenges in cross-border logistics, including complex processes and slow and unstable last-mile delivery. To address these issues, J&T Express has undertaken comprehensive planning, leveraging its extensive global network, advanced technology research and development, and diversified services to design end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to customer needs.


To better serve the expanding Southeast Asian market, J&T Express continuously upgrades local logistics infrastructure to enhance transportation efficiency and service quality. By the end of 2022, two transit centers in Mojokerto, East Java, and Martapura, Kalimantan, Indonesia, had completed expansion and were fully operational. These expanded transit centers each cover an area of approximately 20,000 square meters, with a built-up area exceeding 12,000 square meters, doubling their daily parcel processing capacity. This expansion is intended to meet the growing demands for logistic services.

Qiu Qihao, General Manager of Liuzhou Crown Luo Catering Management Co., Ltd, stated, "We have cooperated with J&T Express in China for many years, and they have shown excellent performance in terms of timeliness and after-sales service, earning our recognition and trust. With Luosifen selling well in Southeast Asia, we need a reliable partner to ensure smooth and stable overseas logistics. Naturally, J&T Express, Southeast Asia's largest express logistics company, became our first choice."


J&T Express is continually refining its efficient and collaborative international logistics network as a global express logistics company. It will not only empower Liuzhou Luosifen to expand abroad. Still, it will accelerate the overseas expansion of more Chinese products, providing global customers with high-quality, efficient, and sustainable logistics services.