ATM Capital Founder QU Tian Ranked in the “2023 Forbes China 100 Most Influential Chinese Selection”

On October 16th, Forbes China officially announced the “2023 Forbes China 100 Most Influential Chinese Selection,” and ATM Capital founder Qu Tian was listed on this ranking. Among the honorees for "influence," these individuals have achieved significant accomplishments this year and demonstrated substantial global influence in their respective industries.


In the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) era, we find ourselves in a macro environment that is even more changeable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Economic development is shifting towards non-linear models, global supply and industrial value chains are undergoing rapid restructuring and competition in science and technology is becoming increasingly intense.


How to navigate through the uncertainty and reshape economic resilience is widely discussed in today's society. The 100 individuals selected for the "2023 Forbes China 100 Most Influential Chinese Selection " have demonstrated various possibilities for thriving and forging ahead in this turbulent period, adding a sense of certainty to this uncertain age.


In 2023, the Forbes China Selection Committee has set its sights on the Asian and Chinese markets, attempting to gain insight into the evolving roles and patterns in the Asian and Chinese regions during the VUCA era by meticulously presenting the 100 selected individuals and practicing a "person-centric" approach to understanding the trends and changes.


After a rigorous selection process spanning six months, Forbes China and FOMOs Global have chosen 100 outstanding Chinese representatives in two significant categories, "Influence" and "Growth," based on the dimensions of "Business" and "Culture and Research."


2023 Forbes China 100 Most Influential Chinese Selection(Partial Rankings)


Against the backdrop of "anti-globalization" becoming a new theme, "going to Southeast Asia" has been a widely discussed topic in the Chinese venture capital circle over the past year. A group of top entrepreneurs and investors are adapting to cultural differences in overseas markets and seeking new avenues of growth through a global perspective and international resources.


Established in 2017, ATM Capital (ATM) is the first Chinese-led venture capital firm focused on the Southeast Asian market. Tony Qu, the founder of ATM Capital, has numerous years of investment experience and was an early investor in Meituan and J&T Express. Eight of the investments he made were successfully listed on international stock exchanges.


Currently, Qu Tian is focused on investment in Southeast Asia market. His leading investments include J&T Express (Southeast Asia's largest and China's leading express company), J&T Cargo (J&T's Technologically innovative express transport company), Y.O.U (Southeast Asia's leading emerging cosmetic brand), Jet Commerce (Southeast Asia integrated e-commerce service provider ), Tomoro Coffee (Indonesia's emerging coffee chain brand) and Joyice (leading emerging ice cream brand in the Philippines), Thin Red Line (Innovative AR operating system and hardware developer).


With a mission to "change the world through cognition", ATM is committed to identifying, assisting and accompaning with outstanding entrepreneurs to build leading global companies from ground zero in Southeast Asia to become the next super unicorn companies.