ATM Capital founder Qu Tian has been named among the "Forbes 2023 Digital Trade TOP 20 "

Digital trade, though not always in the everyday awareness of the general public, has silently and profoundly reshaped our lives and society. It has become one of the most significant anchors for various enterprises in the current complex and ever-changing landscape.


Recently, Forbes China unveiled the “GLOBAL DIGITAL TRADE INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE SELECTION / DIGITAL TRADE 20”, a comprehensive list that spotlights key enterprises and individuals in the global digital trade sector.


Among them, the "2023 Digital Trade Top 20" is divided into the "2023 Digital Trade Leaders TOP 10" and the "2023 Digital Trade TOP 10 Potential." The selection criteria primarily target leading figures and potential figures in the digital trade sector, including those from enterprises, research, and investment categories.


ATM Capital founder Qu Tian has secured a spot in the "2023 Digital Trade TOP 10 Potential."


Established in 2017, ATM Capital is the first Chinese-backed venture capital firm focusing on the Southeast Asian market. Qu Tian, the founder of ATM Capital, has many years of investment experience and has been an early investor in companies such as Meituan and J&T Express. Eight of his invested companies successfully went public.


Currently, Qu Tian is focused on investment in the Southeast Asia market. His leading investments include J&T Express (Southeast Asia's largest and China's leading express company), J&T Cargo (J&T's technologically innovative express transport company), Y.O.U (Southeast Asia's leading emerging cosmetic brand), Jet Commerce (Southeast Asia integrated e-commerce service provider ), Tomoro Coffee (Indonesia's emerging coffee chain brand) and Joyice (leading emerging ice cream brand in the Philippines), Thin Red Line (Innovative AR operating system and hardware developer).


With a mission to "change the world through cognition", ATM is committed to identifying, assisting, and accompanying outstanding entrepreneurs to build leading global companies from ground zero in Southeast Asia to become the next super unicorn companies. 

The following is the result of the "2023 Digital Trade Top 20 " selection:

(The ranking is not in any particular order and is sorted by the initial letters of the individuals' names.)