ATM Investment Update | Southeast Asia K12 EdTech Company WonderMind Opens First Store in Jakarta

Recently, ATM Capital-invested company WonderMind officially opened its learning center in the Kelapa Gading area of Jakarta.


Founded in May 2023, WonderMind is a Southeast Asian K12 education technology company. The founders are four seasoned professionals in the education industry, each with over 15 years of experience in offline and online education. They have held executive positions in well-known education public companies such as New Oriental, TAL Education Group, and Gaotu Techedu. They managed comprehensive teams with billions in revenue and thousands of employees and serving over a million students.


WonderMind has just entered Indonesia, launching Chinese and English courses as its initial offerings.


WonderMind firmly believes in the principle: " Courses are interesting when children are interested; this is the only way learning can be sustained, and sustained learning produces results." The most significant feature of its Chinese courses is their fascinating nature, aiming to create a learning environment full of childlike fun, encouraging children to actively explore and joyfully experience the charm of the Chinese language and culture.


WonderMind's research and development team thoroughly investigated the English learning situation of Indonesian primary and secondary school students. Its innovative English courses focus on providing Indonesian students with practical vocabulary and grammar learning methods while emphasizing accuracy practice.


In addition, the English courses have innovatively introduced picture books to enhance students' reading abilities. After reading these exquisite picture books, children adapt them into mini-plays for performances, further reinforcing writing and speaking skills.


The localized innovative model and higher-level course content design set WonderMind apart from other chain institutions.